On this day in history : 3rd October 1283 – Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Prince of Wales, is the first nobleman in Britain to be hanged, drawn and quartered….

The execution of Dafydd ap Gruffydd – image via Facebook

As the last independent Welsh Kingdom falls and the English gain control of the country, Dafydd is the first person known to be tried on the charge of ‘high treason’…. The orders of King Edward I were that the death was to be slow and agonising….

Dafydd was dragged through the streets of Shrewsbury, attached to a horse’s tail…. He was then hanged, cut down and revived….disembowelled – his entrails burned before him and finally his body was cut into quarters….

Geoffrey of Shrewsbury was the executioner – for which he was paid 20 shillings….

Arms of Dafydd ap Gruffydd – Sodacan CC BY-SA 3.0

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