On this day in history : 16th July 1955 – Racing driver Stirling Moss wins the British Grand Prix – it is the first time an Englishman triumphs in the race….

Stirling Moss – Image credit : SAS Scandinavian Airlines CC0

The Formula Once motor race was held at Aintree, Liverpool and was race number 6 of 7 in the 1955 World Championship…. The weather was clear and hot and a crowd of over 100,000 watched the race…. 25-year-old, London born Stirling Moss was driving his Mercedes-Benz and he and team mate, World Champion, Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio, shared the lead throughout the 90 lap race…. For the first 9 laps Maserati driver, Jean Behra, was out there with them but had to retire due to a broken oil pipe…. British driver Mike Hawthorn finished in sixth place….

Stirling Moss at Goodwood 2014 in his Mercedes-Benz W196 – Image credit : Iain A Wanless via Flickr

Stirling had scraped enough money together to buy his first racing car – a Cooper – at the age of 18, by selling many of his possessions…. He won 11 of his first 15 races in this car and then quickly progressed through Formulas Three and Two and started competing in Formula One…. He had always driven for British teams but in 1954 had accepted a place on the German team…. Despite his many victories he was never to become World Champion, having to settle for runner up instead, five times – 1955-1960….

His racing career was brought to an abrupt halt on the 23rd of April 1962, following a serious accident whilst racing in the Glover Trophy at Goodwood, in his Lotus…. Stirling was in a coma for a month and suffered partial paralysis for the next six months…. He recovered but retired from professional racing….

Stirling Moss (left) at the 1961 Dutch Grand Prix – Image credit : Dutch National Archives CC0

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