In the early Spring of 2004, we became the proud owners of a tumbledown cottage that was in desperate need of a little tender loving care.

This is the tale of how we brought it into the 21st Century, what it is like to live in such a place and about some of our ongoing projects and ventures. I will also share stories about its various residents, including the family of swans that rampage in the garden and our wayward cat, Lola.

It will be flavoured with the delights and trials of country living, maybe the odd recipe, craft make or vintage find. Oh….and quite possibly some random observations that occasionally pop into my sometimes scatty mind….!!! I love to delve into history, especially the Middle Ages and I am fascinated by customs and traditions, so expect plenty of that…. I am also passionate about nature and wildlife…. At least I’m never short of something to write about….

Come join me on my ramble – I hope you find it fun, entertaining and once in a while informative….

Feel free to join in if you have the urge to share something – comments are always welcome…. Or if you prefer you can contact me at cottagecapers@btinternet.com

Please enjoy….

Hazel X3-elm-cottage-back