Let me introduce myself….

Hi, I’m Hazel, nice to meet you….

Usually I am to be found renovating a piece of furniture, researching  a bit of Victorian china ware or polishing some vintage silver….for the room I have in an antiques centre….

I love to delve into history, especially the Middle Ages and I am fascinated by traditions and customs….. I am also passionate about wildlife and nature…. At least I’m never short of something to write about….

On starting this blog, towards the end of 2016, the original idea had been to write about the restoration of the 14th Century, tumbledown cottage that we had become the ‘proud’ owners of in the Spring of 2004. A lot more than just a bit of tender loving care was needed to bring it into the 21st Century – a major overhaul was required…. I’m sure everybody thought we were bonkers at the time, for taking on such a huge project….

When first setting off down the ‘blogging route’, I remember saying I was eager to see where the road would take me…. I soon discovered lots of other little paths branch off along the way and I couldn’t resist exploring and seeing what I could find….and so during that time the blog has developed to become what it is today….a potpourri of information….

Being of a curious nature I  have always loved to find out about things….this perhaps a reflection of my work in the antiques/vintage field….so it’s only natural it follows through to what I choose to write about….

I have also always been very craft orientated and have some project or other on the go at all times…. I like to experiment in the kitchen – not always successfully – and when in the mood, enjoy gardening….

I am married to John, a tree surgeon and Mum to a teenage son, Jordan…. We share our home with two cats, Lola and Lewes – who seem to rule the roost…. We have three bunnies….and there is a family of swans who rampage in the garden….

There’s always plenty going on around here….never a dull moment…. Now you’re here, make yourself at home and feel free to explore the site – to get to know a bit more about us and this old place we live in…. You’re more than welcome….

Hazel X

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