Let me introduce myself….

Hi, I’m Hazel and I’ll share a secret with you…. Never, in a million years, did I think I would find myself writing a blog!!

Usually, I am to be found renovating a piece of furniture, researching Victorian chinaware or polishing some vintage silver….for the room I have at ‘Bourne Mill’ – a local antiques centre.

However, almost a year ago to the day (of writing this), tragedy struck and a devastating fire at the Mill means that for the time being, my days of being an ‘antiques’ dealer are on hold.

In all honesty, I had well and truly believed we would have been back in and trading again by now. Recently though, it emerged there are complications and the work to restore the building has not even yet begun! Being somewhat dismayed to learn this, I have had to consider my options….

I looked at one or two other centres but my heart and loyalty lies with the Mill and as we have all been assured it will reopen…. I will just have to be patient….

So, my thoughts turned to other interests I have, one being of putting pen to paper…. Therefore, that is how I find myself on this particular path…. and now I am eager to see where it leads me….

I have always been very craft orientated and have some project or other on the go at all times. I like to experiment in the kitchen – not always successfully – and when in the mood, enjoy gardening.

I am Mum to a teenage son, Jordan, I am married to John, who is a tree surgeon and I am housekeeper for two cats, who seem to rule the roost…. Oh – and I mustn’t forget to mention our three bunnies….

There is always plenty going on around here…. never a dull moment….