Swanning around….

Just beyond our garden gate lies the Common and one of the village’s many ponds, which is home to a pair of Mute swans. It’s quite a lengthy story that is attached to these swans, one that is too long to share here but it will unfold in the blog.


Having been the one who has fed them for a number of years, a certain relationship has established itself between us. I feel privileged that, since their finally becoming parents, for the last five years I have been entrusted to ‘help’ them raise their young families.


However, I do not need reminding that they are wild creatures…. they do not always show gratitude. I am hissed at on a daily basis, I have been ‘wing swiped’ and I have had the knee ripped out of a perfectly good pair of jeans. I’ve lost count of how many times I have been pecked….

Forming an orderly queue at tea time….

By now, we are well used to having swans roaming around the garden…. they have wrecked the front lawn, beaten pathways through the shrubbery and pood all over the driveway…. but we don’t mind…. It is an honour to know them….

As they are very much a part of our daily life here…. these guys will be cropping up on a regular basis….