On this day in history….11th October 1919

On this day in history : 11th October 1919 – Handley Page Transport, an airline founded in 1919, serves the first ever in-flight meals on its route between London and Paris….

Food being delivered to an American Airlines Boeing 767 – Renata3 CC BY-SA 3.0

The pre-packed lunch boxes, offering a selection of sandwiches and fruit, cost 3 shillings (15p in today’s money)….

United Airlines installed the first on-board kitchens to provide hot meals in 1936…. Other airlines soon followed….

The 1950s brought ‘silver service’ in the air; in 1969 Concorde’s arrival brought with it high quality cuisine….caviar, black truffles, lobster, champagne….

1960s – British Airways – James Vaughan via Flickr

Budget airlines began to appear in the 1970s with the emphasis on cheap travel rather than fancy food….

Lufthansa in-flight meal, 2017 – Rcsprinter123 CC BY-SA 3.0