On this day in history….24th December 1914

On this day in history : 24th December 1914 – The first aerial bomb to be dropped on British soil lands on a rectory lawn in Dover, after being launched from a German Friedrichshafen FF 29 Seaplane….

Friedrichshafen FF 29 seaplane (on the deck of a German WW1 submarine) – Public domain

It landed in a garden near to Taswell Street, Dover – blowing the windows out of the house, a gardener out of a tree and leaving behind a 10ft crater….

It is believed the bomb had been intended for Dover Castle, which was nearby and being used as a military base during World War One….

On hearing the massive explosion residents of Dover believed the port town was being shelled – as only a few days before such attacks had been carried out on Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool on the north east coast….

People had not even been aware that bombs could be dropped from aeroplanes…. By the end of the War 184 bombs had been dropped on Dover, killing 23 people and injuring a further 71….

A fragment of the first bomb is now held by the Imperial War Museums – after it had been presented to King George V….

A variety of the bombs used by the Germans in WW1 – Public domain