On this day in history….11th September 1649

On this day in history : 11th September 1649 – Oliver Cromwell captures Drogheda, Ireland; his troops massacre nearly 3,500 people – some 2,700 of which are Royalist soldiers….

Oliver Cromwell – after Samuel Cooper – Public domain

The Siege of Drogheda took place from the 3rd to the 11th of September…. The coastal town had been held by the English Royalists and Irish Catholic Confederation under the command of Sir Arthur Aston….as it was besieged by Cromwell’s Parliamentarian forces Aston refused to surrender – and so the town was stormed….

Most of the garrison were executed – along with many civilian men, including priests…. Cromwell was also accused of having Irish Catholics transported to the West Indies as slaves and of giving their land to Protestant settlers….

19th Century representation of the massacre at Drogheda – Henry Edward Doyle – Public domain